Art reviews

THERE’S a lady who stays at a nearby backpackers. She always visits the forest. At first I thought she was just taking photos of monkeys cause she liked the crazy delinquents, but then I noticed when she talked to me that she would ask me insightful questions loudly and slowly, like;

Are you on drugs? Is there any medication you need to take?”

I think she’s checking up on my recent bout of insanity.

She calls me Monkey King. I call her a witch helper lady. She tells me that I should be calling her Carol.

She’s nice horrible, but in a nice sort of way. She’s like a mother teacher. She gets me to do homework, where I have to draw pictures about how I feel. Abu went to the Bintang supermarket and bought me paper.

Apparently I’m a genius:

My tree has everything. A party, a ladder, monkeys, a car, and a rocket ship.

My tree has everything. A party, a ladder, monkeys, a car, and a rocket ship.

I honestly thought it would be crap, but the monkeys like it. It reminds them somewhat of illustrations in kid’s books like “Green Eggs and Ham” or “Go Dog Go.” I love those books.
Due to recent reviews I am encouraged to become a poor dude bohemian who will host an art exhibition of my work.

Recent art reviews: 

Chompy: “the picture has inspired me to jump out of a tree with an umbrella.” 3/4

Abu: “Addictively exciting!”. 3.5/4

Random bird: “Screech screech, screech screech.” (Translation: assuming each screech is a star, that rates….FOUR STARS!!!). 4/4

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4 thoughts on “Art reviews

  1. Looks like a good time is being had by all up in those branches!

  2. no tree could be complete without a rocket ship 🙂

    • As always Stormy, I really appreciate your comments =) Exactly. When I drew the picture, I thought “hmm…something’s missing…AHA!”

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