Monkey King of Ubud

Monkey King of Ubud

Some of the monkeys were bored one afternoon, and before you know it they hacked my Facebook page and told everyone I love Vegemite.

They thought it was the height of hilarity, because I’m Australian. They are idiots. I hate Vegemite!  

While they were at it, they created a Facebook page for the blog. Feel free to like it! It’s a good way to find out when a new post is out instead of having to rely on the reader. 



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5 thoughts on “Monkey King of Ubud

  1. You hate Vegemite!?

  2. i can’t lie – i’m still not even real sure what vegemite is lol. i just remember hearing about it in men at work’s song “down under.”

  3. Oprah once asked Hugh Jackman what Vegemite was, and he said something like, “I don’t know. Yeast extract I think.” Then she asked, “should I smell it?” and the 10,000 people or so in the audience all shouted “No!”
    The moral. The smell is worse than the taste.

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