Day 1 on Big Monkey

Big Monkey LIVE! aired on TV last night. 15 monkeys were introduced (some I’ve told you about in an eaMonkey-mates wait on the "front porch" of the tree to see who they are competing against. rlier post).

There weren’t many members in the audience so we had to pay some taxi drivers to wave names on pieces of cardboard. In fact, I believe they are the same ones they use at Denpasar airport which makes no sense because we don’t have monkeys on our show called “Rocky” and “Akmal” or “Made”.

We also had a soundtrack of clapping and laughter, so I think on air this show looks extremely popular (though ratings say otherwise).

One by one the monkeys climbed the tree where they waited nervously for the rest of their yet unknown monkey-mates and rivals.

Not much happened except for when Timmy was introduced. He’s insane- forced onto the show to win his freedom. He threw Mojo off the tree after they began an unscheduled Lucha Libre match – complete with colourful wrestling masks they smuggled onto the show despite the rigorous searches.

Mojo left the tree (even though he was thrown off with a seismic toss) meaning he has been disqualified.

The only other good thing about the show was that I got to see Gina again. Admittedly it was from a distance. I’m not allowed near her. Gina is the TV presenter. So gorgeous that she should be locked away in a temple somewhere.

She stood at the base of the tree and announced the monkeys and narrated their actions in the tree. I was impressed by how well she recognised illegal wrestling moves.

Day 001: I think I’m in love with Gina. I’m already sick of the monkeys. More on Gina in later days.

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