Big Monkey: Who does Simeon’s fealty belong to?

MACCA is the first monkey to be evicted from the Big Monkey tree.

He was told he had to leave the tree about seven seconds ago. Macca is sharing hugs and kisses with the other monkeys.

GetAttachment (18)I might be cynical but that’s a lot of drama considering he only met most of them less than a week ago.

Just give me a second (Monkey King kicks Macca off the branch). Good. We’re done with that. The other monkeys wave at Macca – who stares up at us forlornly. Then shouts “you suck Monkey King! I think you broke my tail bone.”

Well land on your feet next time, you stupid monkey. I did you a favour. I got you out of this show faster than you had the capacity to get out yourself.

I watch the other monkeys climb down to a lower branch as Macca goes off to light a fire on the other side of the forest.  The only one not moving is Simeon. He watches me type this into WordPress.

Simeon is a stuffed monkey toy. It seemed exciting television to bring in a fake monkey toy – and it is, actually. He’s always getting the air time. Mostly because the other monkeys whinge quietly to him about the other monkeys.

And the few viewers that watch are fascinated. Who does Simeon’s loyalties belong to? Because the monkeys have split into two factions. The leaders are renegade Timmy the insane monkey – against Blazer the proboscis monkey.

Most of them are scared of Timmy – and the only two who would openly defy him are Mojo (which he threw off the tree in a Mexican wrestling match days ago), and Blazer. I reckon Timmy might get nominated for eviction for next week (argh! Is this show lasting that long!) but the cameraman tells me that he doesn’t think  Timmy will get evicted by viewers.

He, Simeon, and Gina the anchorwoman are the only things attracting any viewership.

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2 thoughts on “Big Monkey: Who does Simeon’s fealty belong to?

  1. hmm not sure how i feel about this timmy character, but i suppose any good reality tv must have one like him. i think im rooting for simeon (im kinda thinking that he’s stuffed alright but with some sort of recording device that will come in handy at certain times). as for gina… well that will be interesting to see how all of that plays out. 🙂

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