Big Monkey listed in top five worst Indonesian TV shows being aired

LAST night the monkey-mates all played pirates and after an epic battle, three of the monkeys were ordered to jump off a branch.

Photograph taken at Pulua Ubin, Singapore.

Ordered to walk the branch.

Great. This show has lasted a week and out of fifteen monkeys, we’ve only got ten left.

I got to say on TV, in a booming voice;“Fifteen monkeys climbed up the tree. Only ten monkeys are still in the tree.”

That’s a reference to the movie JAWS.

Or since this involves monkeys instead of sharks, should I say…PAWS?

No, I should never say that. In fact – I should delete that line. But what the hell, I’m going to let you read it.

Gina (a damn fine woman) spoke to me this afternoon!  (I’ll get to first base before you know it). She said that Big Monkey was mentioned in an entertainment magazine. It was in a list of five worst TV shows currently being aired. We get about 450 viewers per half an hour episode. If it doesn’t pick up soon the show is going to be cancelled.

In fact – it will be worse than cancelled. It will be deleted from the TV Stations archives and it will never show to DVD. Oh man, I hope this will happen soon.

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4 thoughts on “Big Monkey listed in top five worst Indonesian TV shows being aired

  1. Give the people what they want. A photo of Gina.

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