Meet Gina: What the monkeys discovered

Who needs Facebook to stalk someone, when you’ve got monkeys at your beck and call?

I mentioned a few posts ago that I asked a group of monkeys to follow Gina, the local TV anchor, and report back to me on what they had learnt. It took them a while – but that’s because they did NOT cross any moral boundaries retrieving the information.

Gina: TV anchor; disinterested beauty. Help me.

Gina: TV anchor; disinterested beauty. Help me.

These are 10 things they learned about her:

1)      Gina has a boyfriend. His “English” name is Andrew. He is a banker and lives in Jakarta. He has a degree in finance and economy.

2)      Gina grew up in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia.

3)      She is 5 ft 9 and weighs 128 Lbs (62 kilograms).  The monkeys discovered this without breaking any moral codes. All they did was put a video camera in her bathroom, aimed at the scales.

4)      Gina loves cycling. She often rides the roads around Ubud.

5)      She has always wanted to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, travel across Europe, and stay in New York.

6)      Gina loves motorbikes, watches all forms of martial arts, and enjoys cricket.

7)      She first wanted to be a famous actress, after watching Tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie. She promised her family she would finish a degree before she broke into acting, and she chose Journalism so she could get experience in front of the camera.

8)      Gina was once attacked in a riot, while she was on air. She retaliated by king-hitting the man who shoved her. She would have lost her job, except she gained a lot of public support.

9)      Gina and Andrew have dated for two years. She knows he will likely propose soon. She doesn’t know if she will say yes. She knows Andrew  will expect children, and she wants to wait another ten years.

10)   Her favourite restaurant is Café Lotus. Gina normally gets the be-pasih goa lawah (fish marinated in turmeric, lemon grass and ginger, which is then steamed in a banana leaf). Gina generally eats alone.

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5 thoughts on “Meet Gina: What the monkeys discovered

  1. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – I love your blog!!!

  2. I’m glad to hear no moral boundaries were crossed but that you were able to get some valuable information including the possible in because sounds like gina and the boy are not on the same page. Best of luck with that adventure! 😉

    • Thank you. I’ll interpret that as your blessing to stalk her at the Cafe Lotus, with my retinue of monkeys.

      • haha! well as long as you don’t get too unethical or gets you into a heap of trouble, then go for it 🙂

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