Bedtime stories for monkeys: The Monkey vigilante

THE monkeys love it when I tell them stories. They think I am a great storyteller. And it helps them get to sleep sometimes. I’ll tell them the classics, like how monkeys learn to count in a low socio-economic New York suburb called Banana Street, or how giant alien robots that turn into giant monkeys land on Earth in the middle of a civil war.

But tonight I  will share another popular story with the monkeys, and with you (they really do get a kick out of your likes and comments). Tonight…you will hear about:


People once believed that when someone dies, a monkey carries their soul to the land of the dead.



Now, calm down monkeys, don’t freak out or I will stop telling this story! Abu! Stop pulling Mojo’s hair right now. I mean it! Okay, at least it’s a gentle tugging now. Anyway…

The Monkey crow 3

Zombie monkey

And queue kick-ass revenge story. Now, go to sleep monkeys. Shut up Jo-Jo. You don’t get to hear what happens until the next blog post.

Click for Part 2 

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