Monkey bedtime stories: The Monkey Vigilante (part 2)

I remember the glass of the window shattering. Falling backwards down to the ground. I remember thinking that it was just like bungee jumping. Until I fell on the ground.

Heard a knock on my coffin and the loud screeching of Jack (my Capuchin monkey) and I knew it was time to wake up. The earth above shifted apart and while leaning on my tombstone, I pulled myself out.

As Jack climbed on my shoulder, I remembered the rest. Through his eyes. And through my fiance’s. I knew she was dead. I screamed up at the night, kept howling until someone in a nearby unit shouted over their fence, “oy, you kids! I don’t know why you’re in a graveyard at night, but shut the hell up! We’re trying to watch Batman here, and it’s hard enough to understand Bane as it is without your ruckus!”

I was in hysterics now as I ran through the graveyard. Because Batman was what Janet and I were watching when several men broke into our flat. They attacked us and I tried to stop them, and it took three of them to push me out the window.

Somehow, using ancient pirate magic, Jack had resurrected me. I think he was bored and wanted someone to play with him. We went back to my unit – which had been cleared of all damage, but some of my possessions were still around. Including my guitar.

“Alright!” I yelled. So I jammed on the guitar for a while.

profile_pic (9)

But even jamming wasn’t making me feel much better. In fact, it was making me feel worse, because my rock style had changed. I was sounding emo and miserable now. And I was good at being emo as well. Crap.

I was feeling sad. Jack could tell I was sad too, so he pointed outside. I knew what he wanted me to do.

So I went to the supermarket and bought a lot of ice-cream, and chocolate, and then hired a few DVDs.

Icecream monkey

But even the ice-cream didn’t fix that hollow feeling inside. I considered drugs and alcohol, but I knew I had to pull myself together. For Jack’s sake

So naturally, I decided to go out and hunt down my killers. And then I would kill them. That would teach them!

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