I’m now in Peru

Peru.jpgI have been staying in Peru for the last two days. It is a small coastal fishing village in the north and so far I am loving it. There is no tourism here and so the photography is authentic.

I know next to no Spanish and so some of the conversations I have had have been hilarious but I’ve gotten through it mainly because some people do know the important English words.

I still don’t know how to roll my Rs. Every time I say Gracias people laugh.

Crab on beach.jpg
A crab on the beach. These crabs are quite large but sense when you are coming. A collection of them had gathered around a dead dolphin. I stayed in one spot for a minute and this one came out of a hole behind me. 

On Friday I flew from the Brisbane airport and travelled through Auckland, Santiago, and Lima airports. By crossing the time zone I travelled in one lengthy day. I left at 8am on Friday in Brisbane and arrived in Lima by 5pm, Friday. This is in local times.

In Lima my next plane was cancelled. That freaked me out considering I could not understand Spanish and didn’t know where I could go to stay the night, but the airline supplied a hotel room and a taxi right. It felt great to rest.

The people in this town are friendly but they stare at white people. I believe the magic self derogatory word to get me through a conversation with humour is ‘gringo’.  If I can master one phrase a day I will be happy.




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