My Peruvian story as told by Instagram pics

Instagram account: @Isa_journo


“Cya Australia! -November 2, 2017” 


“Zorritos City. The highway. November 7, 2017.” 


“I am sitting on a beach in South America watching football and drinking beer wondering what the hell I did to deserve this. Its unofficial. I’m not coming back. November 11, 2017.”

flag chris.jpg

“Viva Peru! November 16, 2017.”

pisco 3.jpg

“Pisco on the beach. A dangerous pixie mix. November 20, 2017.”

zorritos - drinking.jpg

“Coming home after crashing an elderly Peruvian party. 80 year olds do know how to dance! -November 24, 2017.”

dede and I.jpg

“@Seawitch66 and I sneak in the back of a motocab. -November 26, 2017.”

scooby gang.jpg

“Street Pizza with the Mystery Inc Gang. November 29, 2017.”

the gang.jpg

Zorritos - Dede.jpg

“My name is Chris. I enjoy brooding, music, and very long walks on the beach.
Location: Zorritos, Peru. Photo: @seawitch66. -December 4, 2017″

trujillo - with boys.jpg

“Lads nap time. December 5, 2017.”


with gato.jpg

“Cute pics with hostel kittens in Peru. I’m the uncle that gives my gatos beer. This is my niche and I’m never going to stop. Don’t hate me that animals love me. -December 10.”


chris and lutie.jpg

“Celebrating the fact we’re two days into our six day drinking ban. #drinking #failure #hangovers #peru #Huanchaco #brocode @luttti failed first! -December 13, 2017.”

at the gym.jpg

“Watch out my male model mates! I found a ghetto gym in Peru and already made gains! Training in exile has never been so sexy-awkward! -December 14, 2017”


profile pic.jpg

“Gotta find a way to make this haircut work. -December 15”


“Meeting @amigos in a snow ❄️ storm! You probably can’t see me I’m so #blanco! First time I have ever seen #snow and it was near #huaraz in #peru. A bit cold though!
#merrychristmas and #feliznavidad  #threeamigos are #idiotas. -December 24, 2017.” 


“As cool as an #alpaca. This is what I came to see in #peru ! #pastoruri. -December 24, 2017.” 

“Look at life through a glass half full (of #beer) and you see the sunshine! #drinking #life #friends #thankful#glasshalffullmetaphor -December 28, 2017″


“#nuns at #Huanchaco #beachlooking at the #sunset in #Peru. #capturingthemoment -December 28, 2017.”

at glacier.jpg

 +#glacier lake mate! Seeing so much #snow lately considering a fortnight ago I’d seen nada! #selfie#peru #huaraz #livinglife #happynewyear — in Huaraz. -January 2, 2018″ 



#popefrancis visits #huanchaco Y #trujillo in #peru #southamerica . The #crowdincluding the clergy leave together! #catholic  January 21st, 2018″

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