I know it’s the wine talking. I know it. But how can I feel so isolated, yet I do, when I listen to the music of Julieta Venegas? I love a woman I don’t know, I love a woman who I can only hear. IMG_20200808_222535.jpg

Nobody else here know who she is. Nobody can appreciate the beauty of her voice and so when I listen to her when I cook in the kitchen, and I feel happy, I feel isolated too. Crazy, yeah?

Do we stick with what others know to be relatable, or to our passions and to what we love?

I know the answer. It takes experience to decide for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Julieta

  1. I feel like it’s both, but to me what MY life is teaching me is that it seems like moderation is the key to most things, maybe not everything and maybe not for every person. Passion is definitely a good thing to have in life, it’s something that drives us to keep going when the chips are down; without it, it’s so easy to quit. For me, music is absolutely my savior! I get what you mean by feeling isolated in a sense but for me, I suppose it feels like my best support system and so I don’t feel all that alone at all. The person or band performing knows exactly how I feel at any given moment when perhaps my friends or family don’t have a clue. It could be isolating when that song or artist can’t be shared with someone who is literally in your life. That’s always disappointing and yet, for me, I suppose I’m used to that and I embrace that my love of music is what makes me me and I’m good with that. Alone isn’t always bad. I think it’s just not something that should happen all the time.

    1. I agree. Music has a tendency to intensify your feelings. It allows you to process and feel them. The happiest I feel is when I am cooking and listening to a good song.

      1. That’s a great pairing! I love music with just about anything though lol. I’m a music fiend and anytime I can pair music with something, I’m good with it. 🙂

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