My 20 photo collection of ‘real’ Peru

In 18 months I have collected a bunch of photographs across 12 of the 25 regions of Peru.

I have seen snow for the first time, been at 5000 metres above sea level, wandered in the jungle, and used planes, boats, buses, and taxis to get to my destination. I have somehow managed despite a limited amount of Spanish.

The Ministry of Tourism sure would be keen for you to see a certain angle of Peru, but in my time here I’ve learned there are various levels. There are experiences beyond my comfort zone. There is so much more than Machu Picchu, and the fine gastronomy.

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There are people, and slums, and desert, and hardship, and I see so many Peruvians working extremely hard just to have a comfortable lifestyle.

And so I hope these photographs capture some of that. I hope you see what I saw.

Adios Huaraz: A tribute from my eyes and ears


I SAY goodbye to Huaraz. I have been there for most of two weeks and have attracted much attention on the street for carrying a camera worth almost the average annual salary, zoned out listening to my Ipod shuffle.

HuarazFor the first time in a long while I am fatigued with words and so for this post between the photos I will use lyrics from songs I have been listening to while out in Huaraz.


“Can I just fight for the winning side
And feel that I’m building a
Home and a life to behold
Till it’s robbed from my sight?”

-Sjamboksa, Gang of Youths


“Now well, when I was young, we connected
When we were little bit older, both sprung
I got issues and chips on both of my shoulders.”

-End Game, Taylor Swift ft Future and Ed Sheeran


“We need change, we need it fast
Before rock’s just part of the past
‘Cause lately it all sounds the same to me.”

-Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio, The Ramones


“I’ll be animating every night
The grass’ll be greener on the other side
And the Vampires and Wolves won’t sink their teeth.”

-Tokyo, The Wombats


“Triple dj let the bass drum go like – Bam, Bam, Bam………Here’s Johnny!”

-Here’s Johnny, Hocus Pocus


“If you fade out without me
Will you know all about me?
If you fade out without me
Will you know all?”

My Heartstrings Come Undone, Demon Hunter




“Here we go again, another drink I’m caving in
Stupid words keep falling from my mouth
You know that I mean well.”

-Can We Dance, The Vamps


“And I felt I was in a trance
And my spirit was lifted from me
And if only someone had the chance
To witness what happened to me.”

-Dance of Death, Iron Maiden


“Go forth and suffer for your art,

-If it’s all you look for, you will always find the dark.

-Suffer, The Smith Street Band


“Nothing’s gonna hurt me with my eyes shut
I can see through them
I can see through them
I am drawing pictures, I’m evading.”

Eyes Shut, Years & Years



“I’m trying to keep up with the latest trends
You pulled me up so quick that I got the bends.”

-We Spend Too Much Time Together, San Cisco


“I been running Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday…….

What have I done?”

-Police On My Back, The Clash


“What’s been happening in your world?
What have you been up to?”

-Snap Out Of It, Arctic Monkeys


“For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside,
That it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive
I wanna find one face that ain’t looking through me
I wanna find one place.”

-Badlands, Bruce Springsteen


“And here we go, life’s waiting to begin.
Life’s waiting to begin.”

-The Adventure, Angels & Airwaves









People you see in Huanchaco | Photos

DSC_3883.JPGHola to you, my sexy readers! It’s me, Burnzy, and while it’s my second blog post within 18 hours I just have a few photographs around the beach town of Huanchaco I can’t wait to share.

My brother Aaron encouraged me to send him through some photos. I haven’t done that (sorry ol’ mate), but yesterday I walked around to fill in some time, and these are some of the results.

I don’t really photoshop except to filter for Instagram because I’m lazy and I have limited skills, and I know that’s a pity. Still, I hope you enjoy them.

The first photo is of a man on a reed canoe, which Huanchaco is well known for. When he sits there it looks like he’s posing. I must have stood out, a gringo with a large camera on a beach looking right at him, and he was yelling at a mate as if to say ‘look, I’m famous!’ But when I showed him the pic he seemed surprised.

Shortly afterwards he takes the canoe and paddles out into the ocean, far beyond the surfers and pier.


“Cuanto Cuesta?” I ask when I see the stand of bananas (great source of potassium, filling, healthy, delicious, and awesome with Greek Yoghurt. Mum is going to snort with laughter given that I’ve only started eating bananas in the last three months. Never before!)

The signora and her son say “uno soles” (if it’s singular, is it sol, sole?) and then I ask to take the picture. She’s a bit startled. Large cameras aren’t so common here.

DSC_3936.JPGI’m on the pier taking photographs and just as I’m leaving a woman walks up to me and asks me something. It’s to do with photos.

I thought she was asking if they could take my photo (perhaps she was feeling sorry for the fact i was alone).

“No gracias,” I said, and the faces of herself and her friends fell. In fact, she was a little deflated, and I realised something else was happening. Maybe they wanted me to take their pic. So I said, “okay, si! No problemo” and suddenly they stand around me and keep swapping the photographer around so they could take a pic of tall whitie.

Oh we were standing so awkward, so on the last photo I put my arm around one of the women. And that was that! They all needed to redo the photos with my arm around their shoulder. #egoboost

Of course, they couldn’t leave without me taking their pic. “Uno momento!” I said. Afterwards I apologised. “Lo siento. No hablo espanol” and the first woman bowed to me, and I left. I wish I properly said goodbye.

DSC_3915.JPGI’m walking on the pier when I see this pic. Maybe it’s of big brother looking after his little sister? Regardless, I like it.

DSC_3875.JPGI have seen this man in black stand almost in this same position two days in a row, but this time I had my camera. I think he must work at one of the restaurants across the road. I’m unsure to that. Also, can you see the mountain in the background? The top is more often covered with fog than without it, but to be honest in this case there’s just too much light in the lens.


I saw this gardener watering the garden. At first I just thought he was a senior citizen with a heavy coat on, but once he agreed to have a photo, and saw the result, he decided it was best to take the coat off so he could identify his council or local government. I suspect that’s why. I’ve taken enough photos over years to understand the promotional side of things.

My regret is that he put the coat on the ground. Afterwards I should have picked up the coat to give to him, but my mind was only on my pics. I’ll be more thoughtful next time.

DSC_3878.JPGBecause it’s all about the surf.


DSC_3925Fishing and music on the pier actually sounds like a fantastic idea. I wonder what he is listening to?

These are my three guesses:

-Aqua. Probably Cartoon Heroes.

-Iron Maiden (I always put Iron Maiden into any list. You’ll soon see).

-Guns & Roses. Possibly November Rain.

-Bonus guess: Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Please let it be Animal Bar.