Chris Bitstrip Chris Burns: Editor

What’s up, sexy people?

If you follow my blog long enough, you begin to read some inconsistencies. What is real? What are lies? How much of this is truth? Who is the Monkey King? Where in Ubud can I get a delicious club sandwich?

The truth is, I don’t know anymore. I don’t know the difference between reality and the ones I make up.

Here’s what I do know for certain: I first visited Bali for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in 2011. I volunteered for the festival and I returned to Australia wishing I could go back.

When I did, I decided I could never leave the monkeys who came to depend on me. They crowned me their king, as a joke at first, but they came to love me.

For some reason, I can understand the monkeys when nobody else can. Maybe they don’t listen. Maybe it’s just my imagination. Or maybe I speak monkey-tongue, a rare gift among wizards, apparently. I love Batman and enjoy mopeds and watching Breaking Bad.

P.S. There is a place in Ubud you can get great club sandwiches, I just don’t know the name of it. Sorry I can’t be specific.

Jon bitstrip

Jon Lam: Animator

Hi. My name is Jonathan Michael Lam.

99 per cent of the time I’m locked away in a different world, but occasionally I am privileged to see daylight.

The Monkey King has been gracious enough to hire me to craft imagery that undermines the actual magnificence of his kingdom.

I humbly approached the throne one day and suggested “photos would be much more accurate your majesty, and they can be completed a lot faster, now please let me go sir.”

But the Monkey King protested, “paintings are more traditional. And I’m a fan of your work.” Then he had me kicked in the shins 39 times. So. Here I am.

To see more of my work – which doesn’t involve monkeys – you can check out my website at

P.S. if you are reading this please alert the authorities, and let my family know I love them. All Hail the Monkey King!

Other contributions

We always appreciate submissions, whether it be photographs, stories, poems, drawings etc. We LOVE photographs of locations in Ubud, and of monkeys. The submissions don’t have to be regularly, just a one time thing. Unfortunately in most circumstances we cannot pay you for your work, but we can credit it or place a link of your blog, website etc in the submission’s post. Copyright would still belong to you, however we ask that your work be your own, unless other work is clearly referenced.

Please contact us through our Facebook page for more submission guidelines or to let us know you have something to contribute.

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