I Like It: 30th pub-crawl in a poncho

So much has been going on in a short time, and what it has meant is that I’m immersed. I’m hardly thinking of Peru or in Spanish anymore. There were three weeks during which I missed my regular Spanish lessons. 77394087_1494696630687205_5082936706387148800_n

Life has been crazy, and I have many stories in a short period of time. I’ll begin with Friday night when I had my belated 30th birthday party with mates. The theme was ‘South American pub crawl’. Old friends met with my new friends.

We began at a pub called The East End Hotel, where my boss wore a Mexican hat (I did mention that Mexico is technically north America and if it wasn’t, it was central, but I allowed it), and a colleague dressed up as an eggplant complete with purple lipstick, and another dressed as a Llama farmer.

So we began at the East End (after pre-loading at my place), and then carried on to the Brewhouse where we played Giant Jenga. We had a  detour for Maccas and then arrived at The Spotted Dog where I had two shots of tequila and a Jagerbomb (I think).

I can’t remember The Club afterwards, but I remember shout-singing to Teenage Dirtbag. And after that the rest of us made it to The Dirty C where I made it onto the dance floor. All night I wore my poncho I bought from a family on an island on Lake Titicaca, and although it may have been in the mid 30 degrees I didn’t notice after a drink or two.

And then, and then, a song by Cardi B and Bad Bunny began playing, called I Like It. It’s on the shortlist of the songs I listen to repeatedly in the shower to practice my Spanish listening and to feel like I’m still in South America. And I felt this sense of ownership as this Queensland nightclub played this song in among the dark and shining lights, as if it was so far removed from this life. For a moment I looked at all the gringos and knew, this was my song. I owned the floor and suddenly I was dancing with this girl, my hands on her waist, and I couldn’t seem to do anything wrong with my moves, a rarity, until the song was over and she disappeared for a smoke.

My friends and I made it to my place to play Nintendo until I passed out, all day, and I freaked out when I woke in the dark, afraid I had missed the Spanish lesson I had booked the following night. I wandered through the house and smashed my face into the wall, but when I found out the time I knew I still had 90 minutes to prep.