Trip cancelled?

IT HAS been a year since I left Peru, and in three weeks I would return. But I don’t see how that’s going to happen, what this Covid-19.

Even if I could go there with the knowledge the borders in both countries will be open, would it be responsible? Probably not. It would be selfish, and best to forget how much those tickets cost.

Yesterday I bought my backpackers bag from the army disposal store. I decided to buy it anyway because I wanted to be optimistic. It was on sale from $290 to $170.

It’s selfish to whinge, it doesn’t even matter, there’s a lot more at stake than a one month holiday that has been cancelled.

On a positive note, my mum visited for the last week. It took some getting used to, as a 30 year old used to living on his own. But it was great to come home to a cooked meal, and even to see some things fixed that I never quite got round to doing. That included my remote door handle, which I lost and she replaced, and that means I can use my carport again.

Me with typewriter.jpg

One night I came home after a long day at work and I found a typewriter that she had bought from a second hand store, and now I would like to get that working. It is an Olympia, stuck in a brown suitcase. It has no ribbon, and I still need to buy paper for it too.

Perhaps I can use my one month holiday, at home, using the money I saved for dentist appointments long overdue, and to keep up with my writing.

Mum has returned home in Western Australia, but I really hope everything is sorted for her to travel to the UK in October. That month holiday means a lot to her, and is the first holiday she has booked, besides the time with me, in a long time. Not since she finished university, and not since her father was terminally diagnosed.